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Posted in Conscious Media, News Brief on July 8th, 2006

globalice.jpg Here in California’s, the OC, where GMM Holdings, the publisher of this and other websites is based, we are in the middle of a heat wave with temperatures daily cresting the one hundred degree mark.

This has been going on for the better part of the past two weeks, with no end in sight. Nor, does there seem to be any end in sight for the 100% humidity, a staple of east coast life, but previously unknown to these parts, that has also descended on us, here, also, with no apparent end in sight.

Upsetting about this whole mess, and that is definitely what it is, is that the folks charged with the business of weather, the climatologists, either are unaware of what is causing this condition (unlikely), or have been bullied into silence, lest they find themselves being subjected to the same isolation and public ridicule that NASA’s top climatologist was subjected to several months back when he publicly disagreed with the administration over global warming.

Sadly, official Washington is still unwilling to recognize Global Warming in more than conceptual terms. This is a particularly ludicrous position in light of recent climatic events, not the least of which are melting ice caps, rising ocean temperatures and the increase in intensity and frequency of hurricanes and tornados.

But, there is something to be said about blissful ignorance as it allows one to stumble on without concern for the ramifications of their ignorance. That is provided that the President and his enablers are truly ignorant and not just uncaring. On this the jury is still out, though I tend to favor the latter option.

What is abundantly clear though, is that research into Global Warming and man’s effect on our climate systems, is not a priority with this gang. Had it been otherwise, there would be much that is different about life in our country today.

Serious research into the man – Global Warming link would have necessitated a far more reaching study of the environment in general. The results of this study would have required great changes in most of the ways that our country and her major corporations do business.

This rethinking is not cheap, or at least not in the early stages.

New power sources would need to be developed, as would new ways of discarding the waste materials that manufacturing generates. Dirty coal would be outlawed as would dumping of untreated wastes in oceans, lakes and streams, as is too often currently the case. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

In such a situation, there would be precious few assets to devote to fighting needless wars, giving handouts to contributors or to rewarding the already rich with unnecessary tax breaks, all major hallmarks of the Bush / Republican agenda.

Similarly, Corporate America, faced with finding environmentally sane ways to do business, or ceasing to function, would also suffer financially in the short term as they designed and built new models based on what is good for the planet and her inhabitants, and for the corporation, the reverse of which is true today.

A sad reality is that few corporations today are innovators. Most are plunderers designed to squeeze every iota of revenue from existing products and when that drys up, begin cutting into their assets selling infrastructure and selling out employees.

How many of the latter would be able to transition is unknown. Additionally, such havoc with bottom line would deprive today’s golden boys and girls of top management from collecting their astronomical bonuses, and would probably mean the end to many of their careers when it is proven that they are unable to adapt to this new reality.

Now, isn’t that a shame? Truly shameful, however, is that to retain the way they do currently do business puts all of us at risk. The fact that this is even a discussion reinforces how misguided things are in America today.

In closing, there are two truths in every situation, actual truth and subjective truth. Unfortunately, only one is real, the other a clever pastiche of half truths, misrepresentations and out and out lies cobbled together to sound authentic enough, but if held up to scrutiny would definitely be found wanting.

The administrations whole environment policy, or lack thereof, is the best example I can think of subjective truth.

Otherwise, how could they contest the finding of most of the world’s scientists, when writing in over 1,000 peer-reviewed articles published between 1993 and 2003, that global warming is affected by man’s actions?

How could they continue to hide behind the largely anecdotal arguments offered by scientists funded by think tanks and offending corporations that the jury is still out on this matter?

The answer is that they do it because it is easy. It is easy because most Americans simply do not care, caught up as they are in their own day-to-day dramas. Also working against the truth is much of America’s need for simple answers. Knowing this, the fabricators, frame their arguments in the simple language of absolutes. Everything is black or white, never gray. Except it is not possible to discuss science in such a way.

So it is upon each of us to educate ourselves as to the reality of this matter. Otherwise, this charade will continue as long as there are well- funded think tanks, financially beholden to Corporate America, and experts willing to sell their souls for the almighty dollar.

And there seems to be no shortage of either of those.

LIB – Editor

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