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Archive for June 11th, 2007


Posted in Global Warming, Miscellaneous on June 11th, 2007


altfuelcars.jpg It was with a certain amount of chagrin that I posted this latest drivel from the boys and girls at the helm of this crazy nation. Seriously my friends, who do they think that they are kidding?

This sort of inside the Beltway posturing rings about as true as George Bush trying to convince the citizens of the earth that that he is the environmental president, while pretty much every step that he has taken as President has had the net effect of setting the cause of the environment back decades.

Come on guys, 2020 is 13 years from now. Does anyone with an iota of common sense, whether in Congress or not, really believe that we will still be powering our vehicles with fossil fuels at that point?

As I write this, I am happy to report that gasoline /electric hybrids have finally started to come into their own. Recently Toyota, the first company to seriously develop and bring to market a workable gas/electric hybrid, celebrated the million car mark for its groundbreaking Prius. This milestone was almost overshadowed by the company’s announcement of plans to convert their entire product line to hybrid drive, with the first car making the conversion to be the recently released Camry hybrid.

Joining Toyota and Honda with new hybrid gas/electric cars and mini-suv’s is General motors rolling out in recent months two of the gas sippers under their Saturn banner. Nissan also has come to the table, recently, with the Altima hybrid. As has Ford with hybrids under it’s Ford, Mercury and Mazda banners.

Upping the ante as only the Japanese seem to be able to do, is the news that Honda plans to release, by the next model year, a mass produced hydrogen/electric hybrid. Speculation is that the car, which Honda has named the FCX will usher in a plethora of similarly powered vehicles.

Meanwhile, stateside, smaller, independent entrepreneurial motor car companies are rushing to market with numerous full electric vehicles, of which the aptly named Tesla sports car (named after the renegade inventor), is the most exciting. Additionally, other companies are starting to package the technology necessary to convert many of today’s gas/electric hybrids into electric drivwe vehicles.

It is developments such as these which reinforce for the world to see how ridiculous this congressional mandate, should it make it into law, really is. Legislation such as this is just another kiss on the backside for corporate America, telling them that wink-wink, we as a nation do not have the stomach to pass restrictive fuel efficiency mandates, or any other laws that would hinder their ability to do business in the manner that they desire.

Now, if Congress really wanted to show a little backbone, they would mandate that the thirty-five mpg figure be in place as the law of the land by 2010.


With consumers continuing to grumble about high gas prices, the Senate plans to take up an energy conservation package next week that would force automakers to churn out more fuel-efficient cars and require motorists to use more biofuels.

Senate leaders intend to begin work Monday on a bill that would raise the average fuel mileage requirement for new cars and light trucks to 35 miles per gallon by the 2020 model year, up 10 miles per gallon from current levels.

The measure also would require Americans use 36 billion gallons worth of renewable fuels such as ethanol by 2022.

“Poll after poll shows that after Iraq, energy is at the top of Americans’ concerns,” noted Bill Wicker, a spokeman for Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Chairman Jeff Bingaman, D-N.M.


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