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Archive for January 13th, 2008


Posted in Eco Thugs, Endangered Species, Global Warming, News Brief, Presidential Crimes & Misdemeanors on January 13th, 2008


polarbearice_djc.jpg It is a particular peeve of mine when anyone plays politics with life. This is true whether that life is the life of a fellow citizen, a mammal, animal, or any of the couple of million other species who also call this planet home. Man has no right to play god with their existence, particularly not for something so base as money.

So it was particularly galling this past week to see George Bush and his merry men playing politics with the fate of the polar bear.

Few species have suffered as much in recent years as the polar bear. This marvelous creature has seen its numbers reduced significantly in the past decade or so, much of it the result of the destruction of significant amounts of its natural habitat brought about by the melting of the polar ice.

Without endangered species protection, it is estimated that the polar bear’s numbers will continue to fall, with extinction in as little as seventy-five years.

Now one would think that it would be a simple matter adding the polar bear to the protected species act. A quick flick of George Bush’s pen to some hastily thrown together legal mumbo jumbo and zap, the polar bears would be protected. As a protected species, what remains of their habitat areas would be off limits for any development, whatsoever.

For a while there it looked like the Bush boys were on the same page with environmentalists on this subject. To that end, deadlines were established at which time the administration was to officially rule on granting the polar bears protected status. But now, the initial deadline, and a second, more recent one, has passed, and the fate of the polar bear still swings in the Artic wind.

Now I’m sure it is not that George Bush particularly hates polar bears. I doubt he has any opinion at all on these creatures, or if he could recognize one in a photo lineup. It’s just that he likes oil barons more. And the oil barons are against the polar bears receiving endangered species protection, as it would prevent Big Oil from carving up and selling off the oil leases located in the polar bear’s natural habitat.

Now if the past seven years have taught us anything, it is that George Bush does not like to see his friends’ loose money, and will use all of his powers to prevent that from happening. If you doubt this statement, consider for a minute the war in Iraq. Saddam is dead; there are no weapons of mass destruction, and still over one hundred thousand American troops continue to occupy Iraq with an almost equal amount of so-called “contractors” there as well. If you think that this is for any reason other than to protect the oil leases, then what does that say about you’re powers of reasoning? Protecting Big Oil’s interest in this situation means stalling any attempts to grant the polar bears endangered species protection.

Among the first transactions projected to benefit from the administrations stall tactics is one in the Chukchi Sea in Alaska. In the works for some time, this deal is scheduled to close in a matter of weeks.

Particularly distressing is that the area in question provides one-tenth of the habitat for the world’s population of polar bears, which would most certainly be destroyed if or when drilling is to commence.

Taking the point and the heat for the administration on this issue is Dale Hall, USFWS director. His contention, as ridiculous as it is, is that his department has never declared an animal endangered because of climate change, and this fact has “complicated the decision.” Don’t you just love it, the old; we can’t make a decision because we never made a decision on this matter before. Thank God that the men that created our nation did not feel that way or we would still be having meetings to decide whether or not to issue the Declaration of Independence.

Lets get real boys and girls. Never before, or at least not in any of our recollections this time around, has global warming been the problem that it is today. So this excuse does not wash. While we are being real, lets call a spade a spade as Kert Davies, research director for Greenpeace USA does in this fantastic quote reprinted from DigitalJournal.com.

“The Bush administration has squandered seven years denying the devastating scientific evidence of global warming.” “Stalling has cost us dearly, putting the polar bear at risk of extinction and jeopardizing the future welfare of billions of people around the world”.

I could not have said it any better myself.



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