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Editors Note! I realize I am a little bit late getting around to the following posting, but for the last month or so – - basically since the Presidential Election – - I just haven’t have the urge to come to this place and spew down logic, sanity, or in some instances. vitriol for public consumption, no matter how loyal that public is. Blogger burnout, I hear the malady is known as! And to be honest my friends, it has been a long time in coming – seven long years here and over ten at the Recoveringliberal.com. Millions of words, most of which I’m proud of, though I do wish that I had spent more time on occasion getting the grammar and sentence construction better. But no matter, what’s passed is passed. I am now back and as critical and caffeine deprived as ever.

So here goes…

In the time I have been regrouping, much has happened. One of the major events worthy of comment is George Bush’s $700 billion dollar parting gift to the financial industry, know in financial circles and among those trying to sound smart as the TARP, which is short for the Troubled Assets Relief Program.

Talk about Christmas for adults, this bold and blatant giveaway to administration cronies on Wall Street and in the banking industry is just the latest clusterfuck in a presidential administration known for its clusterfucks. (Think Katrina, Abu Ghraib, Iraq, Afghanistan, tax breaks for the wealthy, etc.)

The sad fact is with over 50% of the cash disbursed, no one, not Congress, not the White House, no one knows what the hell the money went for. It was supposed to bolster the sagging financial industry with enough ready cash so they could start making loans again, and refinance the ones already issued that were troubled. But to date it appears that neither of these things has occurred, nor does it seem that they will be done any time in the future.

In essence friends, once again the American People (us) have been screwed!

But all is not gloom and doom, I am happy to report. First off, Congress could have, but did not release all $700 billion dollars requested to the Bush administration. Whether this was due to an inherent distrust of the Texas Mob Family – which I would like to think (and would probably be wrong thinking) was the reason, or the more likely reality that Congress just couldn’t get its shit together quick enough to hand out all the cash before Bush left office – is a matter for discussion. What needs no discussing is the good news that only half of the Tarp money – $350 billion dollars – is missing. But best of all – and the reason that this clusterfuck is even being discussed in an environmental blog – are that while Congress had the administration and the boys and girls on Wall Street over a barrel, someone or ones in congress had the good sense to tack some well deserved gifts for environmentalists onto this shit worthless piece of legislation.

These include:

A $3,000.00 credit for the purchase of plug-in hybrids;

The extension of the 30% tax credit for new solar power facilities through 2016; and

The replacement of the $2,000.00 tax credit limit for those who install solar panels on their homes with a more generous 30% federal tax deduction. The best part is that this deduction is in addition to any state incentives, which may be available.

Also included in the legislation were incentives for bio-fuel and wind, which while they are less generous than those offered for solar and for plug-in hybrids are real all the same.

Now we just have to have the money to buy the plug-in hybrids and the solar panels, which in our country’s current economic tailspin is not that easily forthcoming.

What the incoming administration needs to do – - among the thousands of things already on its plate – - is to figure out a way to make cheap, affordable financing available to homeowners to finance their conversion to solar. I think a program, which would allow homeowners to pay for the installation over ten or twenty years would be in order. This way the money that they would normally pay to Edison could be redirected to finance the conversion.

What do you think?


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