It wasn’t that long ago that novelist, Whitley Streiber and Radio Host, Art Bell started to discuss what they termed A Coming Global Superstorm. It was their contention that in our not too distant future, earth would be subjected to a series of storms of global proportion, which would kill many and jeopardize man’s continued existence here on planet earth.

I have to admit that way back when the book was puclished in the late nineteen nineties, the cynic in me, perhaps fueled by too many years in the Television industry where little is ever as it appears, questioned if this could really happen, or if the authors were merely testing a concept for a future collaboration.

Over my years in the entertainment business, I had encountered many such tests, and in truth, as a documentary producer, had done it a time or two, myself. So it was not all that hard to imagine sci-fi/horror novelist, Streiber, the author of post-apocalyptic novel, Warday, among other works, and author/broadcaster, Bell, floating some wild-ass book /movie concept on Art’s, oftentimes spooky, but always interesting radio show.

Remember, this was the late nineties and the environment and Global Warming had yet to show up on most people’s radars. Sure there were the greens, but they were largely non-centralized groups with causes spanning the spectrum from saving the wolves and other endangered species to opposing any further reliance on nuclear power.

Had there been more unity among the factions, and a more centralized discourse, I am sure many more of us would have seen this as the prophetic heads- up as Mr’s Streiber and Bell had intended to be. At least in my case, this would take a few more years.

By the time I came on board with the whole Global Warming/ Earth Changes gospel around 2001, Streiber and Bell’s discussions had morphed into the NY Times bestseller, “The Coming Global Superstorm”. A spellbinding read, Streiber and Bell’s book crystallized their earlier discussions in a way that while terrifying for what it predicted for mankind, was energizing as a call to action. The only problem was the book was still a few years ahead of the masses being ready to accept what it said.

Moving ahead to the present, this is no longer the case. Today we find Planet Earth in a quandary. On one hand, there is good news; after years of lies and non-answers, governments – - well many of them, anyway – - are finally being candid with their citizens about the true state of the environment, and what it means to those of us who call this rock home. The down side, unfortunately, is that conditions are now far worse then they were projected to be at this point in time, and man has done little to set things right.

This, as might be imagined, is upsetting to many of our neighbors, families and friends. Equally unsettling is the reality, slowly setting in, that it is no longer enough to be good citizens, work hard and raise your children in an admirable fashion. Now all of a sudden people are being asked to consider what their lives and actions mean to the environment and to put into place steps to mitigate the damage that their lifestyles could cause.

This is more than many of these people are able to, or willing to undertake. Those that do have questions, serious life altering questions, that they want candid, no-bullshit answers to, such as: how serious are things? Is it fixable? What does it mean to me and mine? Will the melting ice cap affect where I live? If so, when? Where can my family move that will be safe?

Each of the above have been asked in the comments section of this website. Unfortunately, we do not have the answers to these questions, as there is no simple, pat, one-size fits all answer to be had.

What there is, and what we present quite a bit of, is data. There is plenty of data, much of it raw, some of it in context, and even more of it that we attempt to put into context, such as the information presented in the posting that follows.

It is up to each of us to draw from this and as many other reputable sources as we can find, the information necessary to answer our questions. Sadly, we cannot count on our government to be of any tangible assistance in this matter.

The only environmental/global warming information that we can expect to be forthcoming from the Bush administration is that which serves their agenda and those of their rich corporate backers. And as we have seen, it is many of these same bastards that are profiting from the planet’s current predicament and who will be unwilling to curb their actions unless forced to do so.

A positive aspect in all of this though is that the environment now has street cred. And with this comes media attention. In newsrooms around the country, where environmental stories were once the kiss of death, newfound interest has sprung up in all things green, though at the moment, too much of it centers on hybrids and eco-chic products, cosmetics and other lifestyle amenities. But this will change in time.

Hollywood is getting with the program as well with environmental themed films and television shows, as they say in the biz, “in development”. Even staid, all too conservative, Discovery Networks is preparing to launch an all green, all the time, environmental network, which is scheduled to roll out sometime next June.

It is in this glut of green content that this website struggles to keep its head above water. As it’s editor, much of my time is spent scouring the news wires, both mainstream and niche, for stories of interest to our readers. Many of these stories go virtually unnoticed elsewhere because they fail to fit within the narrow standards that today’s mainstream media imposes on the stories that it will publish or air.

The following posting detailing the 21 cities around the world most vulnerable to rising seas and other disasters related to climate change, is one such story.

You would think that a story of this magnitude, particularly since it names New York City and Los Angeles among the most at risk, would be everywhere. But no. With the exception of Raw Story, and now here, you will be hard pressed to find this story. The reason, it is not a happy story. People’s lives will be impacted. Property will be destroyed, some of it precious landmarks. What’s more, if more people were to become aware of this story, they would demand changes to the status quo that most countries and their political infrastructure seem to be comfortable residing within.

So, before I sound anymore cynical, give the story a read and form your own conclusions.


Follow this link to the original AP story, care of Raw Story

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