Greetings from Yorba Linda, California:

My name is Denis and welcome to Greenourscene.com.

This blog developed out of my need to have a place to write about and share with individuals of like mind, information and resources that I consider among the most pressing in today’s world.
These topics include: the Environment, Nature, Spirituality and Modern Technology where it helps us to live a greener, healthier life .

While I am sure that there are many sites that deal at length with any of the above, there is no site, at least not to the best of my knowledge, which focuses on them all, individually and holistically when it is warranted.

Needless to say, I think we have something interesting going on here. Hopefully you will too.

So give us a read and let us know what you think.

Also greenourscene.com is always on the lookout for contributors with attitude. If this is you, leave me a note in the comment section of any posting and I will get back to you.

Thank You

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